It’s just “The Truth”

After a long time, I decided to watch videos on youtube. I have always been a fan of the works by channels like AIB, TVF and Putchutney. What disappoints me is the content. I think we are drifting away from solving the issue of gender discrimination towards creating a misandrist society. Most of the videos are based on guys being creepy and idiots.

Our noble hearted people are taking feminism to an extreme where it rather being a solution for problems is turning out to a threatening menace. The candle light marches, the respect your women campaign is all done to bring in equality, not to pull the status of men down. But, we as a collective society are subconsciously doing that. The other day, I saw these series of posters on facebook and one specific poster said ‘A woman smiling at you doesn’t mean she is interested’, then why do you think a guy looking at a girl only means ‘He is interested’.

A girl calling out a guy ‘dog’ is justified and a man shouting isn’t. I remember one particular instance where I along with a friend was traveling in a bus, while we were getting down at our stop, a saree-clad woman’s saree was rubbing the ground and a young guy happened to pull her saree down while trying to bypass her. The woman without any second thought slapped him hard and the guy didn’t even know what happened. Sadly, he was one of those decent guys who lands up being the victim of not fighting back. I walked up to the woman and I narrated her what actually happened and I was expecting she would, if not anything at least apologize to the guy. But the arrogant lady didn’t show the slightest bit of remorse. She instead added and called the guy a pervert.

Who gave her the power to slap a guy in public? A set of people called her brave and courageous without even knowing the truth. Such cases and cases like Jasleen Kaur‘s clearly shows that we are drifting on the wrong front.

I’m of the belief that “Justice” is served by knowing and supporting the “Truth” not by taking a stand for the “Weaker Side”. It must be understood and rather realized by the constantly growing troops of “Feminists” that truth is in no way related to the cause you support, it’s just “The Truth”.

We all support Feminism. But for a change, stop being a hypocrite moron.


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