The First Deal .. No Big Deal!!

Sometimes you got to do it, no matter if you really know it or not. For years, the hesitation and doubts of venturing into a new territory overpowered the sense of practicality that everything needs to start somewhere. There’s a little regret that this realization has come a little late than it should have. Nevertheless, the experience of transition from inside a shell to a guy who can talk a deal in the middle of the sleep has been nothing less than exciting. From the long-hauling and emotionally excruciating hours of sitting in front of a desktop and doing the “IT” work to standing in front of a 70+ crowd and talking to them about the ‘The Next Big Thing’ has been a much needed transformation.

For a guy who’s in a constant rush to see the unknown, this has been one of the defined and planned out goals. I’m proud to announce that the ‘baby’, ‘Gyaan Reloaded‘, a little start-up idea of my own has started crawling. We successfully signed our first collaboration with an institute in Chennai called “HITT”, it might be a no-big-deal, but it’s like the sprout shooting it’s first tender shoots.

With this little success, we a have decided to start an social outreach program and contribute a part of our revenue back to the society in form of the “The Gyaani Indian” where we will work on a model similar to that of the “The Ugly Indian“.

To all those, who have been following us closely, our android app is taking a definite shape and in few months to come, we’ll be launching it with a blast.

Stay tuned. Follow, like and share us on Facebook and LinkedIn.  You could also connect to me on twitter It’s the start to know how could you be part of our growing venture.


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